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I've gotten genital herpes from my now ex-wife. I've been ce

I've gotten genital herpes from my now ex-wife. I've been celibate by choice for about five years for several personal reasons. I'm thinking about dating again. I'm in upper 40s in age. I've read the book for this site but I still wouldn't know how to bring this up. I'm shy and had problems just with normal dating before acquiring this.

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Jan 16

in my humble opinion, i would just date "Platonically" without sex. allow time to marinate the relationship. from there you will be able to decipher if you truly want to be with this person. once a certain degree of trust and depth has developed, then you'll know when the time is right...

sex has FAR too much bearing on a relationship these days... sex is INEVITABLE so why hurry?

... but that's just my opinion. it's what i did 34 yrs ago and i have never been rejected from having HSV. i am now married for 21 yrs.


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