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It is amazing how some people accept you when you tell them


It is amazing how some people accept you when you tell them you have herpes.
I had to tell a guy I’ve been talking to last night and he said “it is what it is, it wasn’t your fault you got it, as long as we are safe I’m fine with it” like the 4 people I have had to tell they accepted it but I’ve never gotten a response like that.
I am relieved to say the least

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Aug 8

That is so awesome, I’m so nervous to tell this guy I’m talking with. Any tips on bringing it up? Could really use some.

Aug 9

@Rose_97 @Rose_97 I started this one off by asking if we could have a serious conversation.... then I said something along the lines of “before I lead you on I want to tell you this so there aren’t any suprises if this does continue”. I think the last thing they think is that you’re gonna tell them you have herpes. It might take a minute or 5 for you to come out with it but I usually say “I have an STD/herpes” then you can either go into explaining how it happened or wait for them to ask questions. They will respect you for telling them. I will only tell if we both feel the same way about each other

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Aug 10

There is hope! The right person will accept you for you and love you anyways! So glad to hear this!


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