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It has been 6 months since i was diagnosed. it feels like a


It has been 6 months since i was diagnosed. it feels like a very long time ago because i stopped letting hsv define who i am. i was devastated when i was diagnosed because the person who gave hsv to me did not disclose he had it. i thought it meant that i was unlovable, and that i would be lonely for the rest of my life. that is simply not true. i am still the same person i just have to be a little more careful with sex. It has helped me get rid of guys who get weirded out whenever they hear the word “herpes” and has helped me really find love. My ex of 5 years and I recently connected again and even though things have changed a little physically, it has just made our emotional bond stronger. i am so blessed to have this support group and i might have hsv (i mean i def do trust me OBs SUCK) but i am strong! I am woman hear me rawr! haha. my 21st birthday is in a week and i’m so excited. I get to hang out with people i haven’t seen in a long time since a shut the world out and be around people who love me for me and still see me as (name) and not my diagnosis.

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Jun 30

well happy birthday! you have made it to the level of acceptance!
im glad for you and now you're a true survivor!

i shouldn't say it but.....we told you so! LOL!

Jul 1

Congrats! I'm happy you found acceptance! Its coming up to my 5 months since diagnosis and although I'm not ready to put myself out there HSV doesn't bother me as much. I mean, I get a little sad at times but that's normal. I'm glad I found this page so I can relate to people like you. Have a wonderful birthday!


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