It’s been back to back breakouts for me. 1-2 weeks apart.

It’s been back to back breakouts for me. 1-2 weeks apart. I know I’m stressed and trying to reduce it but man this gets old quick. I don’t see a significant reduction in stress coming anytime soon and I still don’t want to go on a daily low dose, I know my body needs to figure this visitor out but I’m juggling so much at once right now. Trying to get a new business up and running, my full tune job, coyotes running my fence line, dealing with liquor control. Uggh

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Jan 14

I am not a doctor or nutritionist but the diet change could be part of the problem. I had my first verified out about 17 years after I believe I caught HSV2 when I made a drastic change to my diet on doctors orders. I did some research and found my new diet was much lower in Lysine and started taking it daily. It is rare for me to have an outbreak now unless I have a ton of unmanaged stress and lack of sleep. Comparing the amount of of Lysine in your old and new diets might be helpful and Lysine is way cheaper than a prescription. I also have to agree that lower or managed stress and proper rest make a huge difference if you are like me and don’t want to take prescription meds all the time. I hope that helps and that all your hard work is rewarded with success! Oh and if I could I would gladly take your coyotes for my buddy who wants to tan their hides. :)

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Jan 14

a little about Lysine:
L-Lysine is an amino acid supplement that is found in foods. It helps to counteract the effects of another amino acid, L-Arginine, which fuels the replication of HSV. It is not a substitute for prescription antivirals to reduce shedding and transmission rates.

As only ~20% of people with HSV have noticeable outbreaks, an even smaller percentage will have food triggers.

Adult Dosage:
For adults ages 13 and older: Recommendations are 12 mg/kg/day. An example of a dose often used during an active herpes flare up is 3,000 - 9,000 mg/day in divided doses for a short period of time.
To prevent recurrences, many people take 1,000 mg daily. However, dosing depends on many different factors and you should talk to your doctor to determine the right dose for your particular situation.
Source: Lysine | University of Maryland Medical Center University of Maryland Medical Center

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15 hours ago

@a_survivor Thanks for the much more detailed and accurate information! I may cut back on my supplemental L-Lysine as I may be taking too much.


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