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Is there any success stories regarding relationship and HSV?


Is there any success stories regarding relationship and HSV? I know of one of my supports is married for 20 years, just wondering if there were others?

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Jan 16

I met my wife on a dating site, she wAs told before we met, she didn’t care. We are now married and so so happy. We don’t ignore it, we’re very open and since we’re gay, the statistics say she has a less than 1% chance of getting it.

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Jan 16

he's marriage mat'l!

Jan 16

I've been feeling awful as I recently had a one night stand with someone I met on tinder and didn't disclose. I don't know how I became this person I got it in college and now I feel like all my dreams are down the drain, I've gained over 100 pounds almost intentionally trying to kill myself with food, alcohol. I can't show up to work anymore. I hate myself and what my life has become. Sometimes I just want to drive my car into a river.


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