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Is there any success stories regarding relationship and HSV?


Is there any success stories regarding relationship and HSV? I know of one of my supports is married for 20 years, just wondering if there were others?

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Jan 16

I've been feeling awful as I recently had a one night stand with someone I met on tinder and didn't disclose. I don't know how I became this person I got it in college and now I feel like all my dreams are down the drain, I've gained over 100 pounds almost intentionally trying to kill myself with food, alcohol. I can't show up to work anymore. I hate myself and what my life has become. Sometimes I just want to drive my car into a river.

Mar 12

My cousin has HSV2 and so do I. She has had it for about 7 years. Fell in love, got married and has two beautiful kids. They are still married. I just got diagnosed last Tuesday and my husband is negative. He says he doesn’t care and loves me regardless. Besides me just getting used to it and I’m trying, he doesn’t seem phased by it. Not sure it’s the same situation as people still looking for love but there are good men and women out there that will love you.

Mar 12

@roman8 i suggest counselling and pls never not disclose because this is part of the reason why it is spread. Secondly you're so don't know what that person is carrying so you're putting yourself at risk of another STD. Your life is not over because you have herpes


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