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If you started talking to someone off a herpes dating site..


If you started talking to someone off a herpes dating site... but it would be long distance... and you obviously haven’t met before what would you do? This guy lives in the south while I’m in the north, and wants to fly me out to him. Would you do it?

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Feb 11

It depends if you feel a strong connection with him, Mnm13. I think it's important for the connection to be there regardless and the HSV connection should be a secondary issue. If you are both attracted to each other then that is great and should be the foundation for meeting.

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Feb 11


oh hell no!
this day and age AnYThINg is fair game and YOU could wind up on a milk carton!

if anything, make HIM fly to YOU! if YOU go there and he opts to do something bad, YOU are doomed and live in HIS MERCY! at least if he's here, you're in your home turf!

this ain't Mayberry anymore! always error on the side of caution!!!


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