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I went to the dr and she thinks I have herpes. I'm waiting f


I went to the dr and she thinks I have herpes. I'm waiting for my test to come back. I contacted my both my partners and they deny having anything. I feel so devastated not knowing how I got this. How did you deal with this emotionally and did any of you experience the same thing as far as partners denying they have anything. I feel heartbroken that someone would like to me about something so serious involving my health

Feb 12

Im sorry to hear that you may have hsv.I got it about 4 months ago.the waiting is the worst and you may never know where you got it.some people dont even know they have lays dormant without symptoms.hoping this is the case for you but both partners need to be tested to see if they have it just in case they have infected someone else or contracted it.hopefully you didnt get it because someone just didnt tell you they had it thats pretty low.all you can do now is accept what is and treat it as best you can.I know how hard mentally and physically it is when you are first diagnosed and feel your pain as all of us here have.if you need to talk or have questions you can always find answers and support here. :)

Feb 19

Yes, you are absolutely correct, Herpes takes a toll on the mind..I am a Homeopath and delt with many people suffering from Herpes. It is correct that, virus can remain in dormant state in a few and may exhibit symptoms in others.. The reason behind this is your immune system..! When your immune system is strong the virus stays in dormant state, so that you don't even realize you have Herpes.. However, when your immune system gets weak, that is the time when the HSV flairs up to manifest symptoms.. Your mind, emotions, lifestyle, eating habits & proper supplementation with a mixture of herbs such as hypericum mysorense, lysine, sida cordifolia, monolaurin and cat's claw. Herpes gives you an opportunity to focus away from desires, calm your mind, lead a healthy & divine lifestyle


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