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I was told Friday that I have HSV-2 and I am so sick about t


I was told Friday that I have HSV-2 and I am so sick about this. I told my partner and he is coming to talk tonight. I know he gave it to me because I have not been with anyone else.

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Jan 16


from a previous member:
I want you to know that you are the same beautiful person that you have always been. This does not define you. HSV is nothing but a common skin condition that has a bad stigma attached to it, which is unfortunately kept alive due to our very uneducated society. I would never want you to feel that you are what the stigma represents because that couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, this is a life changing situation, but I know that you are strong enough to handle it. Life hasn’t been easy and there will still be more battles that we have to face, but we will survive and carry on. I truly believe that this will not stop you from being happy. It may change your dating aspect in life but it may even be for the better. Having this may help you “weed out” certain guys you just wouldn't want to be with. For example, guys that judge those for having this, guys who you couldn’t trust with keeping your diagnosis private, guys who only want sex, and so on. So aside from compatibility, you now keep these things in mind and qualities like trust and open-mindedness can be a great foundation for a relationship. If its the dating part of life that is really bothering you now, don't worry, you will find a man who loves you for you. Most importantly, I want you to love you. You need to know that this does not make you any less of a person. Never ever feel that you need to settle for someone because they are okay with you having HSV2 and you are afraid that you won’t find another to accept you, you will. You are an amazing person and there are tons of guys out there that would be willing to accept you for you and everything that comes with you. Please do not ever limit yourself because of this. Besides the change in dating, you may face other changes. Changes in your diet or lifestyle may need to be done in order to prevent or limit outbreaks. This will be a whole new learning process in itself, but you will find what works best for you. It will take time, patience, research, and lots of trial and error, but you will do it. Above all, it will take acceptance. As cheesy as this may sound, you must accept this for yourself before anything else.

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Jan 17

Thank you so much for your words of inspiration. I believe that with each day that passes, I grow stronger. I had a breakdown today but I was able to pull myself together. I know that I am strong and I can not allow this to break me. I want you to know that your message meant a lot to me and I just wanted to thank you. I am praying to find my way with prayer and the love of my family. Thank you sincerely.....


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