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i was recently diagnosed with gential herpes, and i can’t

i was recently diagnosed with gential herpes, and i can’t get past the depression. my first outbreak is over thank god, but i can’t feel like myself again, i’m not happy. i cry all the time, and i don’t know how to deal with this depression

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Jan 13

thanks. I am in no way ready to go out looking. She has been gone since the sunday after thanksgiving. She immediately severed all communications when I told her I had spoken to her family, and learned that while she had been disappearing recently, 5to 6 hrs per day, every day, that her step dad informed me that she hadn't been with her family the entire time like she said. So as I started peeling the layers of the onion, I began catching her in lie after lie, her stories didn't add up, and she would become increasingly angry and begin throwing stuff, attacking me physically,. she bout broke my finger, rather just damaged ligaments and tendons, I may never be able to play guitar or piano again, and all this cuz she couldnt keep her **** pants on.

Jan 13

@damaged50 that sux. Really makes you question the genuineness of people as a whole. I’m sorry. People are going to say “your better off”and there is someone better out there for you, but I’m not going to say that. You take your time, be mad,shout, scream and then eventually little by little, in your own time, you will figure out what your next step is. I’m sorry that she treated you that way, and I’m sorry your here, cause that means she left you with something you can never get rid of.
There’s that saying that everything happens for a reason, I don’t believe that, I believe that sometimes life is just really sh**ty. Hang in there,,,we are all in the same f**ed up position.

Jan 15

@mfs32 where do you live? I mean what country? I live in the USA and the attorney I spoke to told me that if it went to trial my identity would not be protected and that his attorney would dig into my past relationships to try to prove that i might have had it and just not known about it. i do have a text from him stating that he had it for 5 years prior to meeting me so i don't think it would go to trial but i think my name would still be on documents. maybe I should get a 2nd opinion. i know suing him will not change my new normal but i am still so angry over a year later. I have spent money to seek counseling but it didn't help much. I do have more good days than bad and I am very fortunate in the fact that I the outbreak i had at the time of diagnosis is the only one i have gotten. My doctor said that people that get treated at the onset frequently don't get another one. thanks for "listening" . I hope you are doing as ok as ok can be for now. Even though I still struggle with anger I am way better than i was and you will be too.

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