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I um...I don't really know what to say right now.....i went

I um...I don't really know what to say right now.....i went to see my gyno on Monday for what I thought was a tear...he took a few cultures and sent me for blood work because he thinks its herpes.....its not confirmed until next week when I go for my follow up....I know I just have to accept the results but its scary. My significant other says its not a problem to him as long as I don't let it kill my self esteem but how could it not? How can I not feel..less than normal if I am infected? How can I not feel...ugly? I've been trying to keep it out of mind until its confirmed so I'm not constantly upset about it..

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Jul 11

YOU and the outbreak are not one in the same. Sure, the outbreak might feel ugly, but that's not you. It's a symptom of a non-dangerous thing (that you may or may not have).


@CKBlossom Thank you....I'm not sure why I'm feeling that way...its not even confirmed


@trinity88 I know...I feel like I'm overreacting...


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