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I tested positive for having the herpes 1 antibody in my sys


I tested positive for having the herpes 1 antibody in my system. This is from a past relationship over a year ago. I started dating again a month ago and when i told him i was postive for hsv1 antibody that was the end of that. He said because he has celiac if he got herpes it would be devasting for him. I feel broken and like i have the plague.

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Mar 14

Instead of outing yourself before you know if other person has it, maybe get mutually tested (make sure you add on HSV testing to standard STD tests) at same time as perspective partner and then share results. The other may have it and not know it. If it turns out you both have it, the relationship may turn out differently.

Mar 14

That's a good idea..maybe if i meet someone else that will happen. I tried explaining things to him but his mind was made up. I guess it just wasn't neant to be. Its sad that people won't make the effort to educate themselves or even admit that they might have it too.

Mar 20

@Di1346 I had the same swift rejection. He didn't even want to discuss it, so I guess he wasn't interested in me as a person. It really makes me sad.


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