I just got diagnosed with HVS2 last week after I broke up wi


I just got diagnosed with HVS2 last week after I broke up with my boyfriend. He got tested at a lab and his result came out negative with equivocal <0.91, it said, equivocal may suggest early infection and if clinically appropriate, retest later date. Can anyone explain this to me please?
I broke up with him when I found out he had unprotected sex with other women as recent as few months ago. I know it's not possible to determine who transmitted it but neither of us had any herpes symptoms and we always had unprotected sex over 2 years so it's really puzzling if I was the carrier chances are he should be tested positive, is it not? I read everything pertaining to herpes but I am still confused and deeply distraught over this. Any knowledgable answer would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you!!!

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Mar 20, 2017

My God, how unbelievable it is for us to be in the same situation!!!
I am trying hard to accept the situation but the anger and depression are making me go through emotional rollercoaster and I am sure you are probably going through the same thing. I am sorry for you, myself and all the people in this group...hope this support group will help us stay strong. Hugs

Mar 21, 2017

There was a column in an article that said sympathising with how another person feels is not helping to move forward it is about saying I understand how you feel but we can get through this we are strong enough herpes does not define us

Mar 21, 2017

@mistee I do feel the exact same day, some days it's anger most days it's depression n a day or hour of happiness ...tbh this group is the only thing really keeping me sane to make it through the day


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