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I just found out today that HSV-2 was detected. Me and my ex


I just found out today that HSV-2 was detected. Me and my ex had sex 3x unprotected. I don't know where it came from and I dont want to point and fingers. I started feeling symptoms 4 days after intercourse. I have to call him tonight and tell him. I have no idea what to say. I feel like he is going to blame me. I'm also scared he is going to tell people. I'm so sad. I just found all this out a couple hours ago. I feel ashamed. I didnt know where to turn to. So I found this support group. I need need an angel. Because right now, I want to dig a hole and die.

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Mar 15

@imsad100 yes you are lucky :) that is the kind of person you need in your life!


@imsad100 I felt the same when I found out. But hold on. We can live positively. My boyfriend trying to tell me that I got it from my ex husband, but just found out he had lots of sex with prostitutes so I am sure he had it and pass it to me but I'm not gonna point fingers no more, blaming one another won't heal this, what we could do is support each other.

Mar 18

@Lostwanttobefound That really sucks. Are you still with your boyfriend? I'd be really scared if my ex was sleeping w/ prostitutes because I can't imagine how many partners they have had and what they came with! omg. thats scary! I really hope he doesn't sleep with pros anymore. My ex only slept with one person since we broke up. I've had multiple. :( so there is a chance that it came from me but I had no idea I had anything til 4 days after intercourse. But we are doing the same, moving forward with our life. I dont want to pass this to anyone that's for sure.


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