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I just found out that I have hsv-2. I never had it before.


I just found out that I have hsv-2. I never had it before. The Dr told me that it would lay dormant for years and you would never know that I had it. The questions I have are. Can I give bj to the one I'm with. He won't get tested. We haven't had protective sex until now. So can I give bj even if I don't know if he has it or not. And if he does can I get hsv 2
in the mouth.? I've been scared ever since I found out. I feel dirty and ashamed of myself and embarrassed about it. I don't know why he wants to be around me. I

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Dec 7

Hun, this is something that doesn't need shame, it needs understanding, like a period, you deal with it. Here is the only thing, he might have herpes and if he does you can get it orally, so protection can be a good thing.


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