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I just found out last week. I went to my hometown immediatel


I just found out last week. I went to my hometown immediately to forget abt it for a while. Being back home reality is setting in and I keep fighting back the tears. I feel worthless like who would want to b with me now? I was in a relationship where we were planning our future. Marriage then kids. I started noticing lies and seeming other women. I go thru so many emotions each day and im tryn not to hate. I still want a family. But now I dont see how

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Aug 14

@a_survivor wow! Thank u SOOOOO much for this! I am completely ignorant of HSV. I think part of what im dealing with is I use to be one of the ones who were judgmental in my own ignorance. Definitely humbling. How did u tell ur spouse when u first met? How and when do u share this? How do I find an actual physical support group to go to ? Sorry for all the questions

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Aug 14

I waited and dated platonically. waited so long before anything sexual. so much so, that my dates AND my wife wondered if i were gay! then i left pamphlets around (accidentally on purpose) to be seen by them. from there, the ice was broken where we could talk about it. by then they saw more of me then sex and opted to continue the relationship.

as for educating yourself, see the link pinned above here. just in case, here it is again: https://westoverheights.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Updated-Herpes-Bo...

as for finding an actual support group, you can google it in your area. in L.A it is here:

Aug 15

Thank u so much. Haven’t had much luck finding a group. I will keep looking tho. I appreciate your help


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