I just found out last night I have hsv-2. I recently took a

I just found out last night I have hsv-2. I recently took a new lover who showed me clean papers, so we decided not to use condoms.. he had no marks on his penis so I thought it be ok.. I'm 43 and never had an std... now I'm diagnosed with this, I told him to get cHecked.. I feel disgusting and I don't know how to proceed.. he is doubt will ever talk to me though I have reason to suspect he gave it to me... though the doctor says it could have been in me dormant.. I don't belive that... this last year has been stressful...lost my mom Sept of last year...started a new job at the same time .. was sick.on the hospital... I feel like if it was going to show up ..it would have then.. I feel like I will never find anyone to love me now that I'm marked with this stigma... how do you all go on...does it get easier?? I'm worried I'll have lots of break outs.. the doctor only found a few and said it's a mild case
..... so nonchalantly ... but to me it's a huge deal... I didn't even ask the questions I needed as I was in shock.. I came hereh to meet others like me and hope we can support each other

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Apr 20


Apr 21

Hi:) Im new to tbe group. Im 30 and got it from husband who didnt know he had it. I feel lost like my whole world just ended.

Apr 21

Hsv1 isthe better one to have. Less obs and less risk of transmission. Why has your world ended. Its not a terminal illness. Its cold sores in a diff l9cation. Nothing more. You only feel the way you do because he buy into the stigma if you educate yourself about it you will realise it is not the worst thing in the world that can happen to you


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