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I have only been recently diagnosed with this disease for a

I have only been recently diagnosed with this disease for a few days. I was down and out. But thanks to this site I know I'm now suffering alone. I have battled type 1 my whole life. And any OB killed me. Having both types felt like a death sentence. But I went to Walmart, went too the lip health section and saw how many people bought things. Then I thought to my self every 1 in 4 persons that passed me probably had type 2. It's a silly little thing to do. But made me feel a little better.

Jul 16

Thats what i say. I got it from a guy he got it from a girl and so on. So no one is alone.

Jul 17

I told my closest friend about it, she is the only person who knows that isn't my mum, dad or psychiatrist. I didn't even want to tell her, I just ended up telling her when I was feeling extremely suicidal and didn't care anymore. I don't know if it's good or bad, she said it doesn't change anything and we're still as close as anything, she now knows every single thing there is about me. Although sometimes I regret telling her because I feel like I can't really talk to her about getting boyfriends because I'm worried she'd take it upon herself to tell him that I have herpes because she feels that's the right thing to do and then everything would be blown out the window for me. I already feel like I'll be alone for the rest of my life. But I think sharing it with someone you love and trust with your life, like a best friend, does help to take some of the strain off as you don't feel like you're hiding a secret from them anymore...


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