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I have had an unplanned/unexpected sexual encounter when hea

I have had an unplanned/unexpected sexual encounter when heavily intoxicated and now cannot sleep from worry.

Day 1 after the event there were 3 red spread out bumps on penis head, pain in the penis head and urge to pee often. It would hurt more until I pee. I had what I thought was chaffage on inner thighs and and butt. (I was in a hot wet climate and done walking in jeans so seemed expected).

I was treated by doctor with fucadin and it cleared the dots by day 3 however pain persisted. This was at day 6 so I went to doctor and I was given panderm cream and all symptoms cleared up within another few days.

I had a urinary test carried out which showed no signs of any issue or infection.

Two weeks more weeks past with no symptoms. Then i noticed discoloration of the penis head, a blemish behind the banjo string (forgot name for it) and discoloration of the shaft, quite red. Pain returned to the tip.

I have the chafage like marks in my thighs, redness on my scrotum and buttocks.

At night the pain tends to increase. This time I also feel unwell and flushed but that could be due to my partner having a cold or lack of sleep and worry.

Is there by any hope, chance or will in the world that this is not herpes?

So far ive seen 4 doctors in 3 countries due to need to travel. Doctor 1 examined and give fucadin, Doctor 2 examined and give panderm. Doctor 3 did only urine test. Doctor 4 gave me antibiotics even after seeing test results did not inspect but sure it wasnt serious.

I just dont feel confident based on symptoms and time line.

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May 17, 2019

I am feeling the anxiety rising as my partner and I go on holiday tomorrow and I know she has expectations. I havent had the results back and I can feel the fear of triggering an ob getting stronger.

Anyone have any techniques for relaxing?

May 17, 2019

I'm in the same boat (relaxation wise, don't know how). Maybe having that talk with your partner will help a bit? Try to find some alternate ways of doing things instead of just intercourse?

I've heard doing breathing techniques with some smell good stuff works too.

May 21, 2019

Okay so the test results came back and I am showing up as only have hsv 1 (I get cold sores once in a blue moon). Doctor has given me the all clear on gential issues.

I do feel not fully at ease because I have some redness and marks along with occassional tingling but the doctor insists its natural.

Apparently my symptoms were a combination of different conditions that were individually treated via antibiotics and creams. Also stress was an important factor.

For now I am going to sign off as i wouldnt feel right commenting now i am showing clear and want to thank everyone for their support especially to A Survivor for being there so quickly to everyone who joins the group.

Wish everyone the absolute best.


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