I have a severe herpes outbreak (my first) and my mid-back o

I have a severe herpes outbreak (my first) and my mid-back on the right side is KILLING ME even after 50mg of percocet!! I have Polycystic Kidney Disease as well. Does anyone know if a herpes outbreak can make kidney pain worse??

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Aug 12

@AmandaAscot I was just diagnosed and had my first OB and my mid/lower back had been killing me as well. It was to the point that it was hard for me to sleep. I used tylenol and a heat pad. Also, once I started getting on the anti-viral meds it got much better.

Aug 12

Some people do get nerve related issues from the virus and the medication will help with that as well but if it doesn't help then it's not herpes related

Aug 12

I know for me getting herpes exacerbated other issues I already had. This is because my immune system was best down so much that other things went haywire. Not sure if this would apply but that was my experience.


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