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I have a question concerning the transmittal of the Herpes 1

I have a question concerning the transmittal of the Herpes 1 virus . I passed the virus to my girlfriend , oral to her genital area and she had an outbreak. About 4 months later (or so ) she had an outbreak on her lips . I thought once you passed the virus it was specific to the original infected area which in her case was her genital area - an you were then immune from further infection to the same virus . So it threw me off when she also subsequently had an outbreak on her lip. I have no reason to believe she has been unfaithful to me, but curious to know more about the transmission of the virus once you already have it?

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Mar 15

@Curious2x that can totally happen though. I didn’t have oral or genital before I was infected. Once I was infected, I got the genital OB like your gf, and I believe I was also infected on the mouth because I will get the occasional tingle on my lip but I haven’t gotten an OB there.

Mar 15


I feel very badly about passing my Herpes-1 virus to my girlfriend. I got it on my lip as a teen , I am 60 years old and never passed it to anyone before she got it a year ago. Luckily, she is very forgiving and other than her first genital utbreak being very painful has been bothered too much by it or resentful towards me. Nonetheless, I feel terrible for giving it to her. For me it has been a life lesson, I have dated women who were honest and disclosed up front they had Herpes-2 and I broke up with them because I did not want to risk getting it too. Now , I am much more open to accepting the risks for the right partner.

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Mar 15

yep, advicewelcome1 and i shall agree to disagree... and since she's very adamant and boasts her source, here is my source:

Research Experience:
Towson University · Department of Biological Sciences
Aug 2001–present
Professor & Director,
Towson University Herpes Virus Lab
United States · Towson

Johns Hopkins University · Department of Medicine · Retrovirus Biology Lab
PostDoc Position
Jul 1996– Aug 2001
United States · Baltimore

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Jul 1996–Aug 2001
Comparative Medicine · post-doc
United States · Baltimore

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology · PhD
Sep 1989–Jun 1996
United States · Baltimore

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sep 1985–Jun 1989
Applied Biological Sciences · S.B.
United States · Cambridge

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