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I found out that I have hsv2 back in May..I thought my life


I found out that I have hsv2 back in May..I thought my life was over, and sometimes I still do. I just broke up with my boyfriend because he was pushing to have sex so I told him and when I told him we were cuddling and he pushed me away and continued to call me gross and disgusting...and I’ve never hated myself so much in my life. All I’ve ever wanted is a husband and kids, and I’m starting to give up on that dream.. But my mom and sister and my two friends that know, are all really supportive and there for me and really try to keep me positive...honestly if it wasn’t for them I would probably not be here anymore

Oct 9

Glad you have some positive support during this difficult time. Shame on the person calling you names.

Oct 10

Don't hate are not gross and disgusting. Who knows? Has he been tested? Theres a chance he has it too. His response is what is disgusting and uncaring. Stay positive; you are not alone

Oct 17

Anyone that makes you feel that way doesn't deserve you! Stay positive and know it will get better and someone will accept you for you and not for a visus that most of us have!!!


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