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I am too scared to go to the doctor to get diagnosed because


I am too scared to go to the doctor to get diagnosed because then it will all be true.
I haven't had any lesions but my vagina is quite red and raw and my skin is crawling and itching from my back down to the back of my thighs. I hate this I want to cry, I don't want to tell ANYONE... I just need a friend to talk to about this. I'm a 22 year old single girl and don't want to have to deal with this for the rest of my life : (

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Apr 16

I felt the same way for a long time, but you have to come to terms with what you might have so you can get access to treatment. Be strong and go to the doctors, and then try reading this article which really helped me to come to understand and accept it.,,20189614,00.html

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Apr 18

It could be something else but should get it check out. Your going to worry yourself sick until you know then you can deal with whatever is going on.

Apr 18

@alejandra411 wanted to let you know i read this article and wanted to thank you for sharing it. I'm recently diagnosed and have been doing research and just joined this group in hopes of it to help in guiding me and improving my emotions around this. Thanks again.


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