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i am on day 11 and i was curious how soon should i shave i t

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i am on day 11 and i was curious how soon should i shave i think part of my aggravation down stairs is that i usually shave every day. i am so concerned about disturbing the healing process but i think part of my itch is the hair coming back. oh boy this is embarrassing to talk about.

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Dec 2

Why don't you give it a day or 2. That way you will know....

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Dec 5

I personally don't shave down there, I just trim so I can't relate on that pain. But speaking from experience with outbreaks, I wouldn't shave anyway just because I feel like it would irritate the rash more. But like the other person said, give it a few days and see how you feel. If shaving is something you need to do to feel more comfortable then listen to your body for sure. we're all different


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