I am devastated! I haven't cried yet but I know that it's j

I am devastated! I haven't cried yet but I know that it's just a matter of time. I'm trying so hard to deal with all the whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. I received an official diagnosis of HSV-2 yesterday. I knew it before I went in as my symptoms were classic with respect to what I read during the couple of days prior to seeing a gynecologist. I'm a 51 yo female and I've never had an STD in my life. I'm a smart, educated professional. I know this happens to those just like me but this fact isn't making it even a little bit easier for me. I caught it from a man who didn't know he had it. And I 100% believe him on this. He's in to see a doctor today. He had no visible signs of anything, although upon further inspection today, we do see a few tiny red bumps in his pubic hair area. We became friends and then after a while it progressed to sex. SO stupid of me to not remember (or know) that STD's are real. My OB is bad, I'm assuming anyway. I have at least 14 lesions on my mons and groin and then a few along the labia and the GYN advised that she also saw 3 in a straight line inside upon just a quick finger inspection. It hurts like hell! I have discharge now and I feel so disgusting. I think I'm still in shock. He's the first man that I had sex with in almost 1.5 years. And there won't be a relationship; it is just something that was meant to be casual. Sort of a friends with benefits type situation. We were and are both clear on this.

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Feb 28

@a_survivor Oh the assumptions we make! :). Hello MR.! :).
And yes, I will try to get on here from time to time to also be a support. This site has been a true support for me so I want to give back. :)

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Feb 28

thank you so much!! XOXOXO!

Feb 28

Hugs! Definitely devastating reality check of fragility of life and our body. Nobody seems to really know it but there are communicable illness and other biostuffs invading us from the bio control crops. People dont usually step forward and say 'i have an std do you?' :-/


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