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I am currently having my first genital herpes outbreak..i fe

I am currently having my first genital herpes outbreak..i feel very depressed..i am worrying alot and even going online and looking up complications of genital herpes..i keep seeing that menengitis is one and i actually have kids and now I'm even scared of getting too close to them because I dont want them to get slowly slipping into a dark place right now

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Oct 11

@Jarmila I understand how you feel..I feel confused and sad aswell..but someone told me it will get better as time goes hoping it does and keeping my faith up that it will get easier emotionally with time..keep your head up everything will be ok

Oct 12

Maybe can just avoid sharing beverages and utensils. Avoid contact with face and head if touched that part of your body.

Oct 18

@Shannonshan there's plenty of things to worry about in life, but this isn't one of them.


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