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I’ve been struggling with my diagnosis since finding out J


I’ve been struggling with my diagnosis since finding out June of 2018. After my bf began showing signs that he was cheating, I went to get tested and I came up positive. It took me a year to finally end the relationship (now looking back I think out of shock and fear) but the relationship since then as well as the break up has been a nightmare. Since finding out and learning just how secretive and very possibly sex-addicted this guy was, I’ve been drinking and dealing with up and down depression and anxiety. If trying to date after a nightmare relationship wasn’t bad enough, the HSV factor has made it even worse. I’ve opened up to three people so far, all three different scenarios but the same result: they were scared and couldn’t date me. I have such a hard time with my anger, loneliness, guilt and just straight up inability to forgive myself for not trusting my gut in the first place. I’ve been seeing a therapist for six months and she suggested that I try to reach out to other people who have HSV since I’ve had such a hard time getting support from friends and family who don’t really know what it’s like. I know my difficulties with HSV aren’t just rooted in the diagnosis itself, but it has been such a blow to my self-worth and makes me feel such a mess of strong emotions. Idk if anyone else has felt this way too, or has gone through anything similar, but if so I’d love to listen to advice when I can, and show support where I can as well.

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Dec 2

@a_survivor thank you so much for sharing, this post really does help a lot! Thank you <3

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Dec 2

you are ALWAYS welcome. after 34yrs of HSV2 GEN, all i can do is share my experiences and wisdom of my travels with this group.

Dec 5

I feel exactly the same, it’s strangely comforting to read something that I relate to so much!


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