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I’m married, have a child now and pregnant with another. I

I’m married, have a child now and pregnant with another. I was diagnosed with HSV2 while I was pregnant with my first child. My husband has been negative for the last 8years of our relationship. My question is How do you cope with this virus and continue a solid marriage with no limitations (when it comes to sex)? Do all marriages end up in divorce because of limitations on the relationship?

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Apr 15

@Relationshiphelp47 it’s always difficult to be in a relationship where one person has hsv and the other doesn’t. Speaking as a guy, I could not consign myself to condom use for the rest of my life. However, if you’re careful and use valtrex the odds are diminished considerably. It is just a skin condition, it barely affects your life (you had it for years without knowing), and maybe he can learn to live with the risk.


@rockies4400 thanks for the encouragement. So far so good right now. Things were really tough for a moment but they are getting better now.

Apr 16

@Relationshiphelp47 good luck!


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