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I’m curious, how did each of us find out you had HSV? Was

I’m curious, how did each of us find out you had HSV? Was it with a culture, PCR, blood test? Also for those that did get a positive PCR swab, did you eventually get blood tested also 12-16 weeks later and did the blood test eventually come out positive for antibodies
in your blood too?

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Mar 14

@Trishajustturned40 I was honestly so disgusted with myself at the time I just apologized. It was horrible! Luckily the next time I went back I had a lady doctor and she was lovely and kind


When I was with my ex (the guy who gave it to me) I got sick really bad on top of being stressed out and lost about 30lbs I had a yeast infection I rarely got those but I noticed that it was a difference from the others, my temperature would be high but I would have chills so after dealing with that for almost a week I went to the ER and found out :(


@advicewelcome1 yes it was all so unforgettable but that's also why I want to be the strongest I can be so I can look back at those moments that took so much away from me.


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