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How did some of you guys get herpes? I truly and honestly to

How did some of you guys get herpes? I truly and honestly to this day do not know how I got it, was it from kissing, sexual intercourse. I have no idea and it drives me crazy because I overthink maybe I could of prevented it.

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a_survivor's picture
May 17, 2019

so much to talk to you about it! better you read download and read this FREE handbook: https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/

May 17, 2019

Thank you all for the correction. That helped me too!

SummerDawn0013's picture
May 17, 2019

I honestly dont know how I got it neither, I was with one man during my marriage when we were separated but the partner I was with got tested and was negative, as well as my husband at the time. I think I could have contracted it years ago when I was in high school when I was a bit more "Careless" with my sexual encounters because of course I thought nothing like that would everrrrr happen to me. LOL
So many many years later I get my first breakout. Could it be that it laid dormant for 15 years? That still blows my mind...so I too do not know when and how I originally got the virus. I also had unprotected sex with my husband not knowing I had this virus for years and he never contracted it


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