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Hi what are my chances of getting cold sores if I went down

Hi what are my chances of getting cold sores if I went down on my boyfriend (this past Friday) whom I’ve had sex with a month ago but he showed no symptoms and no money to get checked, ( I have genital herpes and am on suppressive therapy

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Aug 13

We all react differently with so many varied scenarios, so "I" don't like to post statistics. the body's immune system and various circumstances will constitute what happens.

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Aug 14

@a_survivor and @Hopefulone1999 obviously i wouldn't know "chances" (statistically) either, but isn't the question whether or not the HSV2 can become HSV1 on the mouth? In that case I believe in all the research i have ever done over the years it is very rare that a person with HSV2 will spread it to his/her partners mouth while receiving oral. In this circumstance, if i am interpreting it correctly, you are worried that you might get HSV1 from your boyfriend who had sex with you a month ago. Even without his being tested, if you have HSV2, you would infect him with HSV2, not HSV1...wow this just got confusing, but maybe you followed my thought process.

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Aug 14

Aiii, perhaps i did comprehend the question incorrectly (after re-reading it). i read "Chances of" and took it as wanting statistics.

she has type1 gen.
he **may** have gen HSV.
she performs oral, will she get cold sores? ----> being she already has type1 gen, the chances are rare, but can happen.

being HE **may** have type2. <----- far too many "Iff's". does he have HSV? is her immune system strong? is he Asymptomatic? does he have type1 or type2 genitally?

as you know, types do not pertain to location. you CAN have type1 genitally &/or orally as well as type2 genitally &/or orally. type2 oral is a bit rare, but DOES happen.

so, in conclusion, there are far too many unknowns here to make any call...
Ugh, my head is spinning now! LOL!


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