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Hi. So I lost kids and began hanging out with the wrong crow

Hi. So I lost kids and began hanging out with the wrong crowd. I met a guy who was great, until we started dating and he wasn’t. We used a condom every time because he wasn’t loyal but he was physically and me really abusive and I was trying to save up to get out. He is in jail now so I can’t ask if it was him. But I been in an AMAZING 5 year relationship since then and I got tested before we got together. We also used condoms because he also came from a bad relationship where his ex was cheating. One day I had a blister or rough stop inside my vagina and I went to the doctor and they said it didn’t look like herpes and I got tested again for STDs and still it was a no. We decided to try and have kids and lost 2. at one i had a D&C and the doctor Said he was testing for infections to see if he can find a cause and I remember signing off on getting tested for herpes. Yet I heard nothing. So now that i am pregnant and they test you, i have HSV2 and it isn’t a recent thing, it‘s old. Besides from the one „rough spot“ that was tested, I have NEVER had a symptom. Ever. I feel bad because idk what wtf I have done to me, my baby, and my man. He knows, of course I told him immediately, but he doesn’t think either of us has it and hasn’t gotten tested. Idk if he gave it to me or my ex, and if it was my ex then I could have given it to my current. I can live with knowing I have it because I know that it‘s something that I have to accept and plenty of people live functional and full lives with it. What I can‘t handle is not knowing how I got it and if it‘s my fault my current might have it and the sad thought that I won’t get to have natural birth.

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May 16, 2019

From reading online, you can still have a natural birth as long as you're not having a prodrome or symptoms at the time of delivery. The doctor will usually put you on an anti-viral as well close to your due date to try and stave anything off. Just make sure you're really up front with the doctor about it.


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