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Hi, I was diagnosed with genital herpes around 2 months ago.

Hi, I was diagnosed with genital herpes around 2 months ago. It really is a massive burden on my life and has cause me so many regrets. I’ve met this guy, and he’s so perfect. I have a past of going for guys that treat me like ****. Now I have herpes, and I find a guy that treats me like a queen? We haven’t had sex yet, but I don’t know what to tell him. I really like him and I’m scared he will leave if I tell him. I also do modelling, which is a real set back, because what kind of model has herpes? That’s what runs through my mind all day. There’s also that fear of someone exposing me, like if I ever reached my goal and the one person I told tells the world, my career would be over right?

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Jan 12, 2018

I actually did some googling a few weeks ago, and there are heaps of celebrities that have herpes! Made me feel a little better about myself :)
Honestly, I’ve had HSV2 for almost four years now! I’ve found it gets easier when you’re living with it as a single woman or man, but anything relationship wise etc. freaks me the hell out! I’ve had casual sex and not told the guy because I was on daily suppressive medication and used protection. Some think that’s not the way to go, but I know my body and I took all the precautions! However, I think it is important you tell a potential partner before you sleep with them. I haven’t got this far yet and am freaking out for the day that I have to tell a man I am into. But honesty will go a long way. It truly shows what kind of person you’ll be in the relationship, if there is one to come. Thinking of you! Let me know how it all goes :) also feel free to “support” me on here if you’d like to privately chat!

Jan 13, 2018

I understand your fear of others finding out. I am in a small community & im afraid that if I tell a potential partner that they will share my business. It’s horribly stigmatized. I cringe when the jokes are made or people talk about how dirty it is.

Jan 14, 2018

I just wanted to know, if you have genital herpes and someone gives you oral sex, could that give them oral herpes or herpes all together?


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