Hi guys, need some advice. 2-3 weeks ago I had unprotected s

Hi guys, need some advice. 2-3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a stranger (I'm a man) and had pains when urinating so I decided to get a STD check. I was googling symptoms beforehand because it felt like a UTI which I've had previously and found out STD checks don't check for Herpes. I panicked because all this time I thought I've been STD free so I got a Herpes blood test done as well. I prepared myself for HSV1 after researching it on google and came to accept I'd have HSV2 as well due to extremely regretful risky behaviour with strangers in the past. The blood test came back negative for anything, I know its only been 2-3 weeks and I need to wait 12 weeks, but my question is if I've had HSV1 or 2 before shouldn't it have come up in the test? I was sure I would have HSV1 at least from childhood from kissing adults but it said I was negative for both. What does this mean?

Mar 20, 2017

Negative means negative at this time. Just because you have kissed a lot of people it doesn't mean that you are going to end up with hsv1 oral. If you feel that you need to get tested in 12 weeks after last interaction then do so but if you have no other symptoms then don't worry about it and be more cautious in the future


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