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Hi everyone - last week my 18 year old daughter contacted me

Hi everyone - last week my 18 year old daughter contacted me that she was in excruciating pain. After two trips to the dr , he told us (both times) he would “be surprised if this was herpes “ as she had no sores , just redness. It was so hard to watch her yell out in pain for days on end, missing all her college classes and work just to lay around. When the culture of her skin that was irritated came back last night , it was positive. She was absolutely destroyed talking of killing herself and that her life is over, repeating that she’s only 18 and was only with the one guy in college and how could this happen to her. I eventually got her to calm down but now starts the process of me helping her to learn to live with this. I need help on how to make her understand this isn’t a death sentence and to not feel hopeless that she will never be successful or have a husband or kids etc over this ? Please help !!

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Nov 7


i suggest taking her to a nearby support group meeting for HSV. there she will ***SEE*** many who are just like her. here is a local chapter in LA: http://www.lahelp.org/meetingschedule.html

there are many who have moved to the next level and have since left this group.

see the newest post by @Faith777 who just realized it'll all be okay...
also, here's a few helpful links:

keep in touch!

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Nov 7

Thank you so much !


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