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Hi everyone, I just got diagnosed with genital&oral HSV1 a f

Hi everyone, I just got diagnosed with genital&oral HSV1 a few days ago. I'm still trying to come to terms with it all. I got it from an ex-boyfriend who I slept with once while my immune system was down with mono. He claims he didn't sleep with anyone else, just received oral sex from another female and that was how it happened. He still refuses to admit that he's the one who gave it to me but he's the only one it could possibly be! I am still accepting everything. I just truly don't know how anyone will ever be interested in me ever again. Who would want someone who has a chance of giving them an STI? I don't really know how to begin my mental healing process with this. Does anyone have any advice? Also, is anyone taking valtrex daily in order to suppress outbreaks/limit transmission? Please let me know as it is something I am looking into.

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Nov 13

@KDusk I’m trying to cope with it the best that I can. I went through the emotions of acceptance and I’m not completely there yet. I don’t know how to forgive the person who gave it to me.

Nov 13

For what it’s worth, holding grudges hurts you more than who you’re upset with. And give yourself time. It’s okay to take time to heal.

Nov 23

Herpes can be diagnosed if blisters are present. If you do not have any other symptoms, it is better to take a PCR DNA test for a confirmed diagnosis. False positive results may occur in some cases. You can also visit your GP to show him the spot for a quick diagnosis.


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