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Hi everyone! I’m in need of a little help. I was diagnosed

Hi everyone! I’m in need of a little help. I was diagnosed with genital herpes two years ago. Last night my lip was burning and this morning it’s still burning, but not as drastically as last night. So now I’m starting to think that I may have it in this area as well. I also went to sleep with some lipgloss on that I haven’t worn in a while so I’m wondering if this is the reason why, but I really don’t know and I’m nervous. For those of you that get it, how do your symptoms start when you get sores on your mouth?

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piikoi07's picture
Aug 12

@a_survivor I can assure you in Colorado, USA. Laser treatment for herpes cold sore is normal and we offer this service frequently. Why a DDS would not endorse it is crazy to me unless they just dont want to purchase the equipment and pay for the training for hygienists to attend the classes.. All hygienists in my large office have gone through certifications so we can offer this service to all who have a need for it. Its easily available in America.

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Aug 12

good that this option is available out there.
my DDS is not taking on any new clients and there is no need for him to invest and help his current clients.

Aug 12

@piikoi07 I appreciate your response! Two days later and everything is fine. I think it was a false alarm, but I also did go to the store to purchase OTC cold sore treatment and used it that same day just to be safe.


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