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Hi all. Glad to find this group. I was just diagnosed yester

Hi all. Glad to find this group. I was just diagnosed yesterday. Here's my story... a couple years ago I was dating a guy that I was completely enamored with. But then, some difficult things came up in my life, we broke up and stayed friends. We both dated other people, and he lived with a woman who was horrible and manipulative. We recently got back together, and I felt like life couldn't be better. Then, out of the blue I get an outbreak and find out I have herpes. So, I haven't told him yet but I'm getting ready to. I am terrified to lose him right after getting him back. Of course I can't know for sure how I got this, but based on the timing and my history the doctor said it's likely he was asymptomatic and gave it to me. If that's the case, I don't blame him, because these things happen. But it could have been me that had it first, and I'm so scared that maybe I gave it to him, or that he'll blame me, or leave me because he's scared of getting it. Any tips or encouragement would be much appreciated.

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Mar 22

I wouldn't focus too much on who gave it to you or how you might have got it. The only way you can know for sure is if you had a blood test before having sex with someone / a new partner to pick up any antibodies of the virus. For now, I'd focus on yourself and if the relationship is meant to be it will be. I only just found out too and its a lot to take in. We are all here to help x

Mar 25

Just wanted to update, we talked and he was really really sweet. He was shocked of course but very reassuring. So ya'll should know, if you're single, there are good people out there who aren't fazed by this.

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Mar 25

better take note! HE'S MARRIAGE MAT'L!


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