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Hey y’all .... i keep having a outbreak and it won’t go

Hey y’all .... i keep having a outbreak and it won’t go away it’s been a whole month . What are some remedies to stop a outbreak in its tracks . I’m scared i have nobody to talk to about this at all

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Jul 11

if you are new and this is your first time, 1 month is not abnormal. you body has no antibodies to fight the HSV virus. it will take time for your body to build up its strength and antibodies to subdue the virus.

live as healthy as you know how to help give your body the strength to build up its defenses!
Hang In There! nobody said it was gonna be easy. some have it easier than others.

please see:

Jul 11

Every time i wake up its like a outbreak is happening

Jul 11

Lemon balm essential oil, directly applied to outbreaks works wonders, I couldn't believe how well it work, and if you start to feel one coming on apply to the area. So you need to start eating more veggies, more whole foods, protein. Tumeric , diatameceous earth, any anti viral herbs like grapefruit seed extraxt, oil of oregano, fish oil for omegas , a good multivitamin and minerals, there are hundreds of natural remedies that improve the condition, I almost never get an outbreak like once a year if that, and it's only when I'm eating junk food drinking or overall treating myself like crap. I try to put a positive spin on this condition and look at it as a challenge to live healthier cleaner lifestyle. Or yeah extra virgin coconut oil, and eat veggies as much as you can, kale, broccoli , brussel sprouts and asparagus are some of my favorite. Cut out sugar, chocolate, and coffee and nut when you're having an outbreak. You get better , take this as an opportunity to heal yourself and learn about herbs and natural remedies, it's interesting stuff! Hugs!

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