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Hey y’all .... i keep having a outbreak and it won’t go

Hey y’all .... i keep having a outbreak and it won’t go away it’s been a whole month . What are some remedies to stop a outbreak in its tracks . I’m scared i have nobody to talk to about this at all

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Jul 29

@Obsidianmoon what’s some good vitamins to take ? I have bad anxiety and i think it gets the best of me sometimes

Jul 29

@a_survivor what do you do when your whole body starts having burning sensations ? I don’t feel normal and it’s making my anxiety act up

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Jul 29

you are now supported...

a couple Advils, and a long soak in Epson Salt. BUT ~ Remember, we all react differently to different remedies so try it and try different things to find out what works for you...

you may be overdosing on Vitamin B!! excessive Vitamin B will cause a burning feeling on the skin to some people.


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