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Hey so Im dealing with having hsv1 so much better after a fe


Hey so Im dealing with having hsv1 so much better after a few weeks. So know I have a question for the ladies out there, do you still have oral sex performed on you? I know about dental dams but I’m really hating the idea of them. I know transmission risk is low when not in an out break but is anyone’s partner comfortable giving oral sex?

Jun 8

Glad that you are feeling better. I feel that the only way I could receive oral sex again is if I had a dental dam or female condom on. That way I would know that I am protected and the person performing the oral sex is also protected. Even though we dont show any signs/symptoms.. there is still risk of virus transmission. I have yet to receive oral sex since my outbreak started about 3 weeks ago. I am certain this is my first outbreak

Jun 12

Hi Alex_s,
I have not received oral sex since I was diagnosed about 3 months ago. I’m just to afraid of transmitting it to my partner.


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