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Hey guys! So I just found out that I had hsv2 on Jan 2nd and

Hey guys! So I just found out that I had hsv2 on Jan 2nd and at first I was depressed but now i’m great and still love my life as I was before! It’s not the end of the world. I was especially relieved to hear that I can only transmit this virus 1.9% of the time with the medication i’m on and using condoms. Also there are plenty of people who have it and are still in relationships and haven’t gave it to their partner. This is not the end of the world as far as your love life goes. Anyways, with that being said, my first outbreak is pretty much almost all cleared up but i’m still having Flu-like symptoms.. is this normal? Will it go away soon? I keep having this tingling feeling randomly throughout my body.

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Jan 11

Definitely take L-Lysine, zinc, vitamin b, and c. They’re great for skin health and healing, and I haven’t taken my antiviral pills in 10 months and had no outbreaks, I believe the L-Lysine plays a big role with that

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Jan 11

but always remember they are SUPPLEMENTS! your body's own immune system is your #1 defense, so keep that at 100% health as your first priority...

Jan 12

@Tbebe i was reading that l-lysine helps with cold sores. does it help genitally too? or do you mainly use it for your immune system?


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