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Hey guys! I have posted a few times in the past couple weeks


Hey guys! I have posted a few times in the past couple weeks concerned about the HSV 2 that I was newly diagnosed with a few months ago...I have been so depressed:( well some of you had seen my post about itching that lasted well over a month....

Turns out it was NOT an OB!! It was a yeast infection. I am kinda relieved!! But i still have herpes of coarse just have not expirienced an OB (YET) Knock on wood!

Since I am preggo I am taking suppressive therapy to reduce risk of an OB
if GOD FORBID i have an OB during the time of delivery i will have to have a csection :/ I also have a 3 year old whom I have a very close relationship with♡ we often take baths together sometimes. I have been quite nervous to bath with her now. So i have been telling her no, not to bath with me. IS IT SAFE? I would NEVER forgive myself if i transmitted this onto her :(

so ANYway.......
i will continue to take alvycor and lysine daily to supress it, also looking into ways to boost my immune system and pray it lies dormant! I wanna thank you all so much for your kind words and support! ---MEGAN---

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May 16

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