Hey everyone I recently have been diagnosed with genital Her

Hey everyone I recently have been diagnosed with genital Herpes. I’m really really depressed. I would like to know on average how many people have rejected anyone becaue they have herpes? Is there anything others can do to not get the disease if they do thankfully would have sex with me... ?

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Apr 17

Thanks girl this means a lot, I’m super depressed right now I need to boost my mood any advice?

Apr 17

I was in your shoes up until a few days ago. I went to therapy for a while, helped some but not 100%. I did mess around with a few people without actually having sex, which may sound whorish but it reminds you that you’re human. Could also just date. Same concept in a sense... anything to remind you that firstly this diagnosis is invisible, people will still sage you and be interested in you and find you amazing. The harder part is accepting the possibly that someone might find you amazing enough to accept the diagnosis. BUT- my story goes to show this is most definitely not always the case. You can’t think about it statistically and how often you’ll be rejected etc. Baby steps love. Flirt a little, go on some dates, and feel it out from there. My best advice is to first remind yourself how desirable you still are and always will be :) hope this helps. If you’d like to keep talking I’m glad to help. I appreciate the conversation as well. If not, you got this ✊

Apr 17

I have actually made it a point that if i feel like im going to be talking to someone for awhile and it may go somewhere to tell them right away. I have actually had more okays with it than I imagined. I have only slept with one other person since finding out but he never talked to me again after that and i think he just felt sorry for me. I find it best to tell them in the beginning before anyone gets attached.


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