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Hey everyone ! I posted about a month ago about me tellin

Hey everyone !

I posted about a month ago about me telling the guy I was seeing I have genital herpes... he still doesn't want to talk to me .. it really has been hard for me to handle . It really hurts to be dismissed.

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Heavy.load INDIA's picture
Apr 22, 2017

Don't get dishearten or sad. It's a part of life cycle it where we get accepted or rejected or we also accept or reject others. For example if u met someone and he discloses u that he have cancer or hiv Not deadly but tolerable , what u will do in this situation?, Muggals do also go through that emotions, since nobody wanna gets dirty unless he really loves u more than him.

Dec 9

Ignore "Believeme" just a scam to advantage of desperate people and separate you from your money

Dec 9

@jen48 so true it happened to me so i eventually let that person go. Its hard but its better to let go then continue yo feel neglected or abandoned by an individual who doesn't care or show lack of interest


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