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Hey everyone.. I hope everyone is doing okay. I have a quest

Hey everyone.. I hope everyone is doing okay. I have a question. I want to remove the guy who gave me it off of my socials and be done with him but then at times I want to reach out and talk to him I think more so for closure. I'm not sure what I should do? For background context, it was a hookup, and we did have meetups afterwards to discuss things, but when I told him he gave me herpes he clamped up. He's been watching my stories but hasn't stepped up to speak and so I blocked him from being able to view it because it angers me how little he seems to care about having it or passing it on? I'm honestly not sure but I'm scared that if I block him I'll regret not getting closure, or that messaging him will just turn out bad. Any thoughts?

Jan 12

No I'm not sad and not angry either. I just want him to atleast recognize that he hurt me I guess? And to just own up to it. If my life has been changed by it he can't pretend like it didn't happen

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Jan 12

A block can always be undone....if you need to keep him blocked for the time being to keep your sanity then do so....but if you want to reach out, then I would do so....I have had ex's in my past (that knew about my situation) and I would remove them from my social media once I saw that they had moved on to someone without herpes (or so they think) and once that fizzled and died they would reach back out......whatever is meant to happen will happen in due time. Right now focus on your well being and happiness.


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