Hey everyone hope your all doing OK x So I disclosed for t


Hey everyone hope your all doing OK x
So I disclosed for the first time a week ago... He was alright about it, asked me sooooo many questions and said he might come to the clinic with me to find out more so I thought wow, he really does like me if he wants to deal with it with me...but know he's barely talking to me. We spoke everyday before when ever we had a chance. He says I haven't put him off me but I guess I have Coz he's acting so different know... I'vee asked what's going on but he hasn't replied yet. Just wish instead of dragging it out ,for him to just tell me he doesn't want me instead of keeping me hanging on like this.

What have your disclosure experience's been like? Hiw long did it take for someone to say they want to be with you or to tell you no?

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May 24

I'm struggling so bad with this, I have depression also and this has just sent me right back to my bad place. He was so nice and said no matter what he was here to support me and stuff and now he's being like this.
I hate my ex so much for doing his to me :'(
How do you cope with rejection? I can barely think straight.

May 26

@XpixieX. I'm new to this myself and trying to find my way through. Haven't even started the meeting new people/disclosure part yet so you're ahead of me in that respect. :) But I just wanted to say it was really nice that he wanted to be there for you initially but, understandably, it can be a difficult choice for someone, especially for someone who has not yet been sexually active. I think there is a fair amount of risk in sexual activity in the first place that he's not used to so adding herpes on top of it might be too much for him. Yes... he could have handled it better but he sounds young and its easier for people to disappear or ignore. Being upfront and honest takes courage and some maturity I think.

And age doesn't even mean that the person is going to be mature. My ex, the guy that gave me herpes, is i his late 40s. Total **** when I told him that he gave me herpes (we had already broken up by then). So I hear you about the anger towards your ex. Tho, it's usually more hurt than anger towards him. But, sometimes, I try to accept that maybe it was a honest mistake. And sometimes I remember that I make mistakes and accept that I also shouldn't have been with someone that wasn't more careful. And I remember that what has happened has happened and its no longer about him. Its about how I want to handle this going forward. Anyway, not sure if that helps but just some of my emotions that I've been dealing with.

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May 26

I've only had to disclose to one person ( romantically ) . He knew the same day I found out. He's been there ever since the day I cried on the phone til now. Almost two years. He never really made the choice to " deal ". It decided he wanted me and anything that came along with me. It told me herpes was apart of me , but don't ever think that it defines you.


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