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Help. I’m new to this. Confused lost,angry,hurt and feel d


Help. I’m new to this. Confused lost,angry,hurt and feel destroyed.

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Jun 18

I’m doing a bit better. I still feel low and upset at myself. I go to the dr as well on Wednesday. I been just faking it at home and at work as well. It’s almost become natural now. I hope it works out for you. Keep me posted

Acirewhit's picture
Jun 22

Just wanted to catch back up with you! The new doctors office was a good experience well after I realized my blood pressure was 170/86 and I literally had an full fledged anxiety attack in her office tears and all which is unusual for me. They seem nice and understanding though and retested me even though I’m sure the results are positive. In the middle of another ob probably caused from my stress level last week. How was your appointment on Wednesday? Hope your hanging in there too.

Jun 22

@Acirewhit I'm happy you had a good experience. I called my doctor after my OB didn't end (or began again?) back to back of 10 day treatment. She was so nice and called me in more medication but I didn't have the heart to tell her I'd never see her again due to insurance change. At least more meds puts off my need to find a new GYN, since I'll stop them once it clears.


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