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Hello, this is my fist time doing this. And I’ve finally a


Hello, this is my fist time doing this. And I’ve finally accepted that I have herpes

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Jul 10

All of it is a process of deep grief. It’s like something has died. At the end of grief is acceptance. It might take a while to accept this reality. Try to think of all your blessings. Life will be good. A little virus is not going to kill us. Be determined to live all of your dreams. There is more to life than sex. That’s just a small part of the big plan.

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Jul 11

Welcome to the club! It’s been a little over a month knowing for me and at first I felt like my whole world was over. Once my prespective changed things started getting better. Keep your head up! We are more than just an inconvenient skin condition. I’m always available if anyone wants to talk! :-)

Jul 11

@Acirewhit I feel the same way! I’m only a week a half of knowing at first i let it take me down but now I seriously just put my life into perspective. It’s gets easier for anyone who think it doesn’t. It’s a skin condition! Nothing that can’t be controlled or taken care of. Everyone keep their heads up!


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