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Hello I was recently dx with herpes it was all my fault I a


Hello I was recently dx with herpes it was all my fault I am married and had an affair only slept with this guy once I felt like I could trust him he was a member of my church we talked for over 3 months prior I even asked this man was he clean of Sti's and he straight lied to my face even after finding out my results he claims he was tested and it was negative I want to believe him so I asked if he could send a cropped out pic of just the hsv results and this man declined to send it I am saying to myself if you are negative wouldn't you want to clear your name but instead he rather not which makes me believe he knew he was not clean and this was intentional I know I am wrong for what i done and I still have not found away to tell my husband I more scared of what he physically may do to me than anything today was the first day I actually cried about it and I have know since 8/30 I have gone through every emotion I can come up with my friends just say oh it's life pick yourself up and I just look at them like easy for you to say you don't have herpes due to your own stupid selfish reason for having sex with someone you thought you trusted and now have to explain your stupidity to your husband of 17 yrs I just see me falling into depression and I don't know how to find my way back to me life is over I feel dead on the inside but I know I have my son to live for so I push myself enough to stay above water for him I love him and he always has been my motivation but I just want this chapter of my life to be over already

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Sep 13

I agree you need to give that person the option to know and make their own decision. I wasn’t giving the option and wasn’t told know I’m stuck trying to figure out how to move my life on.. after my ex boyfriend then just dumps me after giving me that disease.

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Sep 13

@Michgirl1973 so selfish of him! It’s crazy how evil people can be! I am so sorry that we both going through this!

Sep 14

@SaritahMontielle yes we are definitely dealing with a similar situation. It’s been one of hardest trials I have had to endure i my life. I have been devastated and so emotional trying to move forward but I feel like nobody ever gonna want to be with me because of it.


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