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Hello, I recently started dating a lovely lady that discl


I recently started dating a lovely lady that disclosed to me that she is HSV2 positive. She has had it for approx 4 years.

My fear is that I will contract the virus and eventually the relationship will end and I will have to disclose this to my next partner and face the same fears and stigma.

I've read up on the virus and consider myself educated on the subject matter. However, my fears are that I didn't accidentally contract the virus, rather, essentially asked for it by dating her.

Of course she doesn't want to give it to me. She is on antivirals and I know that we can minimise the risks, but not completely.

I also have an autoimmune disorder, Ulcerative Colitis. I'm in remission; however, I do fear that there could be complications.

I guess I'm here looking for any advice or suggestions the group might have.

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Oct 13

My doc doesn't want to test me because I have no symptoms. He thinks there is too big of a chance for false positive or false negative.
Furthermore, I had a small case of Shingles last year and that might change the results too.

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Oct 16

From ehat i know the shingles virus shows up differently its number is different hsv classes than 2 or 2 so i dont dee as to hiw that would interfere with the results.

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Oct 16

@Alwayslookingforward3646 sorry different than 1 or 2


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