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Hello... I have never done this and I’m not sure why I am.

Hello... I have never done this and I’m not sure why I am. I was just diagnosed with herpes-I can’t believe I’m saying it- the man I am dating has an ex wife who ate valtrex like it was going out of style.. she always has a cold sore ALWAYS!! I read it can be passed during oral sex then to regular sex.
I’m sick to my stomach and I hate myself. I have 3 beautiful children but taking a few bottles of pills sounds so desirable to me. Help? Advice? What now....

Aug 9

First thing. Calm down. It's not the end of the world, you are not the only one who has it, in fact millions have it, and just like them you can go on living your life in a adjusted normal fashion. What you do is dig into getting the best lifestyle and medications to try to make your life as manageable as possible.

Start here.

Use the sword of knowledge to take on this ordeal as fast as possible. Hopefully there will be a cure one day, until then gather all the possible information you can get your hands on to deal with this situation.


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